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Email: saintlukesdc@verizon.net
Phone: 202.667.4394

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During the Covid-19 pandemic St. Luke’s will be hosting online services in conjunction with Calvary Episcopal Church and St. George’s Episcopal Church.

You can join us every Sunday starting at 9:45 AM ET at the following link: Church Service

Through its 147 years, St. Luke’s has achieved distinction in worship. This distinction continues to permit worshipers, no matter how diverse their cultural roots, to live out their baptism and grow in relationship to God. We are faithful to the Anglican Communion and related liturgical traditions. We are a community bound together and identified by our liturgy, worshiping according to the Book of Common Prayer, 1979.

We emphasize the importance of the Eucharist. Each Sunday at 7AM and 10AM we are restored to unity with God and each other in Christ through our participation in the sacrament. We put a great deal of emphasis on baptismal renewal throughout our church year, holding infant baptismal during the mass on the second Sunday of each month.

We adhere strictly to the liturgical calendar. It provides an opportunity to express our worship through the recurring cycles. It also places us in contact with God’s active experience of salvation.

At the 7AM service the Eucharist, Rite II is conducted with little music. The service is an intimate one, lasting approximately 45-55 minutes including a brief homily.The 9:00 AM service is also very intimate, but with very lively and energetic gospel music.

The 10:30 AM service is a high mass following Rite II or various liturgy from other cultures as appropriate. This service carries out the ceremonial traditions of St. Luke’s which includes showing respect by bowing, genuflecting, kneeling, standing, processing, and incensing.

In addition to using choir members and organists in the worship service, the clergy is assisted by acolytes. Well trained, they work during the 10:30 AM service on a rotating schedule. For many years Lay Eucharist Ministers (LEMs) have assisted the priests with the chalice and lectors read the lessons at all services.