February 12th Report

The last two weeks, the St. Luke’s Rector Search Committee focused on completing the statements for the seven parts of the Parish Vitality Assessment (PVA). At our last two
meetings, February 4 and 11, 2021, we met with Rev. Gayle who gave us a better understanding of the role of the Parish Vitality Assessment (PVA) in both the call of a new rector and the future of our parish. The completed PVA will be sent to the Bishop with an executive summary of the PVA to be shared with the Vestry.

Upon completion of the PVA, we will continue our work on the OTM documents. Those documents will soon be ready for review by the Vestry prior to being sent to the Rev. Dr. Phillips and the Bishop. The Bishop will make sure that the documents are a fair reflection of the situation at St. Luke’s, before they are posted on-line for potential candidates to review.

Craig Robles and Aungelic Nelson have submitted the position description/scope of work to Codeable (the freelance web design agency) to select a web developer/designer to translate our design into a functioning website. As the first source of information for many potential candidates to learn about St. Luke’s and its vibrant, welcoming community, the website is a crucial part of our calling a new rector.

With regard to pictures that show St. Luke’s as a warm and welcoming community, we would like to have pictures of the Sunday school classes and any of their activities. Thanks to our supportive St. Luke’s family, we already have many pictures of various other activities. The pictures will be used on the website and for the parish profile to illustrate the history of St. Luke’s, and its ministry, guild-work, events, and activities. If you have pictures you would be willing to have posted on the website/in the parish profile, please email them as .png or .jpeg attachments to stlukesdcsearch@gmail.com.

We ask you to continue to pray that God will guide the search committee in its work.

Thank you for your support.

The 2020-21 St. Luke’s Rector Search Committee LUKE’S