Seating of Honorary Canon Anthony Alexander

The service of Seating of an Honorary Canon for Anthony Alexander was held during the first Saturday High Mass at the Cathedral Church of St Stephen this past Saturday, October 2, at 5 pm. Bishop Baxter was the preacher.

Bishop Scanlan shares, “I am excited to appoint Anthony as an Honorary Canon of our Cathedral. His call for justice, his tireless work in God’s mission, and his faithfulness in prayer serves as a shining example to all of us who walk in Jesus’ Way of Love.” Dean Welin said, “Anthony Alexander has been a transformative spiritual leader in the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania and the Cathedral Church of St Stephen. His commitment to the work of God in Harrisburg has been prophetic and generous, and we are honored that he has accepted to serve as an Honorary Canon of the Cathedral.”

The service was live-streamed through the Cathedral Facebook page. One need not be a member of Facebook to view the service.