Making A Difference

Making a Difference

For members of St. Luke’s, stewardship is more than financial support, or a specific moment in the service. It is a way of life. It is how we do good work while spreading God’s love on this earth.

We know God has blessed us with many gifts. Among them are Time, Talent, and Treasure. We believe all three are required for serving, loving, and caring for the least among us. Since our founding, this belief has been part of our rich legacy of service and activism and is the core of all our ministries.

Even in difficult and challenging times, stewardship has allowed us to come together to take care of one another. For us, this is what it means to be a cheerful giver and to be dutiful stewards of God’s gifts and abundant love.

Ministries, Guilds, and Organizations

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Jesus Christ calls us to marry our personal devotion to social action. At St. Luke’s, there are many opportunities to engage both through ministries, guilds, and organizations–understanding that everything we do is not only for His glory, but also in service to the call for action.

Here are a few:


We encourage our children to assist in religious services and special celebrations by performing ceremonial duties.

Episcopal Church Women

An organization that champions women’s rights and  the family.

Daughters of the King

An organization dedicated to prayer, service, and evangelism.

Flower Guild

The Flower Guild is responsible for the purchase, arrangement, and placement of flowers for regular worship and special services inside the church.


The garden committee maintains the outdoor landscape of the church with great input from the neighborhood. They work diligently to ensure the church is surrounded by plants and flowers that showcase His glory year-round.

Greeters Ministry

Radical hospitality is a core value at St. Luke’s. A greeter’s primary duty is to help guests feel welcome. They may help direct people inside and hand out bulletins.

Men’s Group

In 1624, the poet John Donne wrote, “No man is an island unto himself.” This is still true today. Our Men’s Group reconstituted in 2019 to provide a safe and accepting place for fellowship and community and to unite men through Bible study, prayer, fellowship, and ministry.

Archive Committee

The St. Luke’s Archives Committee is charged with collecting and preserving its history, both physical documents and artifacts, and making it available via an accessible digital format.


Ushers work as a team to help orient guests and newcomers to our church. Ushers also collect and present the offering during the service, and direct people to and from their chairs during communion.